Jedi padawan to Master Toft


Back story

Saraphina is the first female of her tribe in a thousand years whose power and skill in the Force would make her the shaman of her tribe. Shortly after she was made the apprentice of the shaman of her tribe, Jedi knights came to her tribe and offered to take her with them, to be trained in the ways of the Force. The tribal elders, reluctant to have a female lead them (since no female had been shaman for a thousand years) readily agreed.

After years of training, Saraphina was selected by a Jedi Master, Master Toft, as his latest padawan. Soon after this, they were assigned to a top-secret, deep-space mission to found a new Jedi training center. While in transit, their ship came under attack, killing most of the crew and Jedi.

The surviving crew managed to put the ship in orbit about Naboo. Master Toft, who was automatically revived from stasis when the ship came under attack, went down to Naboo to seek help, leaving one surviving crew member to care for the two stasis chambers that remained

One of the chambers was damaged, causing Arithipia to age, and after many years when the crew member was no longer able to keep the damaged stasis chamber functioning, he revived Saraphina in her (fortunately) undamaged stasis chamber. When Saraphina returned to consciousness, she found the crew member napping in a bunk, startling him. After learning what little she could from the crew member about what had happened to the ship, she sent the crew member to find more supplies while she meditated to recover from stasis sleep.

While she was meditating, Truk (a scoundrel) and Master Toft arrived. Together, they managed to safely revive Arithipia from the damaged stasis chamber and transfer her to the undamaged chamber.


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